How to choose a credit – check it with ishuu?

There are multiple banks and even more kinds of loans. How to choose that one especially for you? Our ishuu’s team will try to help you with it. Before the answer to that question can be found, there are other factors which have to be considered. Particular situations allow us to benefit from special kinds of loans. For some types of credits, specific requirements have to be met. Others are not designed to satisfy the needs of private clients. In other cases, a borrower has to have an own contribution on the requisite level. Hopefully, you will know all the desired answers after reading this text.

In order to make a final choice consciously, first of all, you have to realize, what you would like to achieve after getting a loan. There are specific problems which can be solved with special tools. No one is eating a bowl of soup with a fork, right – says Mike, ishuu owner. If you are considering buying an apartment, probably the mortgage or housing loan will be the best for you. As a company you do not have to purchase a car, you can lease it. Nowadays this service is gradually more available for private clients as well. When the bank’s regulations are too severe to acquire a standard credit, there is always a possibility to get a payday loan. It is also a good solution to limit the formalities if you are not into paperwork. Everything can happen, and the problems with paying debts are also possible. In this case almost anyone is able to get a consolidation loan. This financial service reduces installments at the expense of repayment time. Probably right now you already know which service will be the best for you. Now we will examine the specific requirements for each loan.

In case of a mortgage, a potential client has to possess their own contribution. When your own capital is bigger, you can even have smaller monthly installments to pay and probably the time of full repayment will be more convenient. Frequently that is enough if a borrower owns 20% of a whole sum, the more, the better. Banks also take into consideration the way the income of their potential client is generated. For example, if you earn money as a freelancer, it negatively impacts your creditworthiness. Only a part of your income will be taken into account. Generally, before any loan can be received, your credibility as a borrower will be checked as well. Financial institutions will verify if there were any problems paying off the debts in the past.

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